Monday, February 23, 2009

of baby things

Leon has grown out of his newborn sweaters. The "baby surprise jacket" that I made him last summer can still button, but the sleeves are ridiculously short. Here's a picture of the bsj:


So, on I go to knit a couple more for him. First up is the seed-stitch jacket by Elinor of Exercise Before Knitting. I'm finding the seed-stitch to be really slow, but I'm liking how the piece is knitting up. The progress so far:


Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted in "blue heirloom"
Needles: Addi size 5
Pattern: Seed Stitch Baby Jacket
by Elinor Brown

I'm still working on Ryan's socks, but have put those aside (briefly) to work another piece. A friend of my approached me at the NW Flower and Garden Show this last week and asked me to knit up a baby hat for him to gift to a friend's new wee one. Since my friend is also a garden designer, I immediately knew what pattern I wanted to knit.


This sweet thing is the Koru hat by Just Jussi. I knit this up quick on Saturday using Ultra Alpaca and tried it on Leon. It's WAY too small, even for a newborn, I think. The circumference would be fine for a new babe, but the crown seems really short. On Sunday, I started again; this time with larger needles, adding 6 more stitches, and doing twice as many rows before the fern pattern starts. The result is a hat that should be plenty big for the baby until maybe six months...


Here's the two hats together. I just need to finish the second one and off it will go.

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