Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I'm really trying to get this little sweater done. Leon has sweatshirts and jackets, even a couple of sweaters, just no hand knits. It's gotta change.


As of mid-day yesterday, I had completed the body up to the arm holes and had begun work on the right front. Since the photo, I've completed that front and moved on to the back. I'd like to see this section off of the needles and progress made on the sleeves in the next couple of days. We'll see about that.

The pattern is still enjoyable, with the exception of the buttonhole directions. They are fashioned after a style written by Elizabeth Zimmerman - and I just didn't get it. Maybe I've made them right, maybe I haven't, but they look like buttonholes, so I'm not going back.


Looking closely, you may see the buttonhole in the midst of all of that seed-stitch.

I've got 45 minutes before we pick up Emmett from school, and Leon is asleep in the swing. I better get knitting.


  1. You got talent girl!-Alison

  2. Hi, Katie. I ended up here on your blog through ravelry. What an excellent mix of garden and yarn--two of my own loves as well! I loved seeing the photo of your witch hazel. I think I might need to plant one this year!