Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Emmett started school today. And it seems time moves too fast, because I swear that he was just a little spud not so long ago.


This is when I really noticed the movement of time, when he was just a baby. Because in what was, I swear, a blink of an eye, he's sitting up, eating solid food and smiling at his momma.


Then it seems, first he crawls, then walks, then runs and jumps, in just one day. But no, a year has passed. And now he's talking and loving and wondering at life.


And this boy has no end to the joy and wonder for life and adventure. Because next he's hiking and climbing trees and making smores and I look at the time... another year has somehow happened. Excuse me? How can this be?


So we camp and garden and watch birds and go to pre-school. And he soaks it up and always wants more. Always with a big smile and big questions. And then (seriously?) it's August again and Emmett turns four.


And BOOM! time makes a big leap forward again. Because Emmett becomes a big brother and he dives into it with all of the passion he has for everything. He loves his baby brother, cares for him, grieves when the baby hurts, and supports his parents more than we would ever think possible. And with that blinding flash, Emmett turns five.


At that we're looking at letters for school supplies and teacher assignments. We're getting backpacks and lunchboxes and new jeans in even bigger sizes. Because it's time, RIGHT NOW, for Emmett to start kindergarten. And we're all so excited. But I wonder where the time went. How did this gorgeous kid make time move so quickly?






I'm so proud of you Emmett.

Love you,


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