Monday, June 22, 2009

FO: Ryan's Socks

I am a lazy blogger. I must be getting into it, though, because I'm thinking more and more about what to blog. Hopefully, I'll put the knitting down or get out of the garden long enough to more frequently post about my thoughts.

The main reason why I've not blogged is that I have finished Ryan's socks (!) and have moved on to more exciting knits. Knits that I can't wait to work on. But back to the man socks. What a slog. They are done and finished. Thank you, thank you, thank you. They also fit and Ryan says he likes them, though has yet to wear them. He claims to be afraid to ruin them. How do I convince him that the greatest compliment is not to coddle them but to wear them out? He also makes for a very reluctant sock model, hence the odd photos to follow.




Trust me when I say these look good.

Pattern: Classic Socks by Melissa Morgan Oakes in Two-at-a-Time Socks
Yarn: Cascade Heritage Sock in some blue color (Can you tell I'm OVER these?)
Needles: size 0 40" addi turbo lace
Start and Finish: 12/20/08 - 6/11/09 ie, WAY TOO LONG!
Mods: The pattern called for 9.5 stitches/inch and I got 8.5, so I knit the men's size small to make a men's medium. Worked great.

Ryan doesn't know it, but I did think of these as a father's day/anniversary gift. Turns out that this year, father's day and our 12th (!) wedding anniversary fell on the same day. Love you lots, big guy.

I've got to send word out to my dad as well. Read an e.e. cummings poem on the Mason-Dixon knitblog this morning and couldn't not link to it. Go. Read it. And then hug and kiss your dad if you can.


I love you, Dad!


Dad and I on my wedding day, June 21, 1997.


Dad with both of his kids, May 2009. Happy Father's day to my brother as well!

I'll be back soon (I really will try, I swear.) with more veggie garden photos and in progress shots of more sock knitting!



  1. Maybe an eight month old baby named Leon slows your posts? He does slobber & chew on everything, you know.