Wednesday, January 28, 2009

crape myrtles

Met with a family today to start the process of a garden design. This first meeting is when I really have to sell myself as designer. I find it hard. They seemed impressed. They've got a mid 70s home just off of Lake Washington Blvd in a great space right next to a woodland. The aging mom lives alone most of the time until her son comes to visit from Barrow, AK. I asked how cold it is in Barrow these days... -20 degrees F they said. And dark? I replied. Yes, they said, but the sun just came up. Wow. That makes Seattle seem not only warm, but bright, especially on mostly sunny days like today.

I also stopped by CUH today. Right next to my car was a mass planting of Lagerstroemia indica
Zuni, or crape myrtle. Even without leaves it was beautiful. The peeling bark, the multiple trunks, I loved it. And when it flowers? Wow.
But what may be my favorite thing about these trees is not how beautiful the flowers are, but when they flower, late summer. And after that, a spectacular fall color.

I've got to remember to include these into more of my designs.

Ryan's making margaritas, gotta go!

PS. Not my photo

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